Happy Spring! Wednesday 3–4:30pm

It’s officially spring on St. Croix, although conditions are crunchy dry and blisteringly hot in the midday hours. Keep up those rain dances, we got a few brief relief showers last night! For the stand this afternoon, lots of fresh salad greens, and Farmer Luca has a new Japanese heirloom mini-melon called the Kiku Chrysanthemum for you to try. Similar in size to the Sakata, perfect single serving sized, with sweet white flesh.

We had a recent visit from the guys at Leatherback Brewing. They’re planning a ginger-infused craft beer among other local flavors and will be launching their tasting room in May if all goes according to plan. We’re thrilled at their interest in working with local farmers.

Harvest forecast for Wednesday: Lots of sweet salad mix, baby arugula, baby spicy, cucumbers, decent amounts of tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes, lots of cherry tomatoes, French breakfast radishes, purple radishes, Italian basil, garlic chives, seasoning peppers, Serrano peppers, dill, cilantro, parsley, scallions, lots of ginger and turmeric, zinnia flowers, a couple half dozens of turkey eggs and Japanese melons!

We have updated our GoFundMe ARTfarm post-hurricane recovery goals to reflect the federal disaster funding available to us (turns out, incredibly, none at all for any damaged or destroyed farm structures. !!) If you are in a position to help us fund the reconstruction and repair of our hurricane-demolished farm buildings this summer, please consider a donation and share with others interested in preserving small sustainable family farms. Offline donations (directly by check) are the most efficient as GoFundMe takes about 10%.

Thank you for your support.

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