Oops We’re Doing It Again, 3-5:30 Wednesday

We said we were too busy, and we are, but we’ve just got too many tomatoes right now! Who planted all these things? 😉

We will be open again on Wednesday afternoon January 31st from 3pm – 5:30 PM. But we have so much to do around the farm that there’s a distinct possibility we might not open every Wednesday this season. Please sign up for our email newsletter at artfarmllc.com, or check our Facebook on a weekly basis. Know before you go.

Wednesday farmstand = loads and loads of tomatoes!

Tons of cherry tomatoes, slicer tomatoes, cucumbers, a few heads of lettuce, bunched cooking greens, bunched arugula, carrots, big gnarly radishes you can cook up like potatoes, lots of baby ginger and baby turmeric, Italian basil, garlic chives, dill, a few bunches of cilantro and parsley, yellow seasoning peppers, a few sweet green bell and poblano peppers, assorted pumpkin slices, and the highlight: bunched broccoli! All this cold weather and wind is making the broccoli happy!

Thanks to all our fantastic customers who brought donations for Sejah Farm to our Saturday farmstand! The 15 farmers arrive tomorrow. And thanks to all of the wonderful and creative local chefs we have the honor of working with. And our superstar delivery guy this season, Sam. We love all you guys, you keep us smiling!

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