Help a Farmer (or 15) Out!

The crowds have been huge at ARTfarm on Saturdays with the demand for fresh local produce. We would love to see some of that traffic benefit other farmers on St. Croix as well, but many of them, like our friends at Sejah Farm, have been set back in their planting season by wet soil and damage from the hurricanes of 2017.

If you know Yvette Browne you know that she is creative, industrious, generous, and a huge advocate for farmers on St. Croix. She and her husband Dale consistently work to make things better for all farmers on St. Croix. In true form, she is taking on a daunting task: hosting (and feeding) 15 farmers for 10 days at Sejah Farm to try and jumpstart their recovery projects and get them back on their feet producing food for the territory. These visiting farmers in the course of a week and a half will be at Sejah Farm rebuilding their greenhouse and animal pens, planting, sowing seeds, fixing downed fences and installing new fencing, and working to restore breeding groups for the livestock.

ARTfarm will be donating fresh produce to Sejah for these farmers that are here to help. We would deeply appreciate if you, our customers, could bring any of the following supplies to the ARTfarm farmstand on or before Saturday morning. We will deliver them to Sejah!

Sejah Farm VI’s ’15 Farmer Project’: balance of supplies needed

Clean bath towels: 20

Cornmeal in 2lb. yellow paper bag: 10 bags

Spaghetti noodles: 10 pack

Sugar: 20 lbs

Cooking oil large commercial size: 4

Vinegar, 1 gallon jugs: 5

Dawn dish liquid: 1 gallon

Hot cups: 1 case


Coffee cream

Hot chocolate mix

Mash potato flakes: 20 box

White potato: 6 bags

Tea bags



The meat/ protein which has to be purchased daily because of storage issues.

Fresh vegetables are also welcome.

Any wonderful soul who is willing to prepare (or purchase) a cooked dish for 20 people, please contact Yvette at (340)277-9392 and arrange a day and time.

Good luck Browne family we love you!!

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