Giving Thanks and Mini ARTfarmstand TODAY 3-4pm

Baby ginger and turmeric make a great holiday spice or tea. Add a little cinnamon for a wonderful chai or throw a bit in your blender with a smoothie and give your immune system an anti-inflammatory boost! Also makes a great holidaywarming gift for a health-conscious friend!
A brief 3-4pm window today (Wednesday) to pick up produce! Limited selection until we catch up with the storm damage and have more time for harvesting. Cucumber salad with some apple cider vinegar makes a great refreshing side with all of the heavy holiday treats!
We are still so busy with storm recovery projects! Sales were pretty slow on Saturday, so we are just running a mini-farmstand today from 3-4 for the few customers who are interested in produce before Saturday. Drop us a line on Facebook or here on our website to let us know if you’re coming!

Available today: Cucumbers, sweet potatoes, tender no-peel baby turmeric and ginger.

We also have free Caribbean birdseed available to help you feed your doves and pigeons and other wild birds still making a comeback from hurricane Maria. Thanks to the St. Croix Environmental Association! Bring your own bag if possible for seed.

Unfortunately we won’t have time to harvest other things for today. But, add to that list for Saturday: Beautiful lettuce heads, radishes, sweet crunchy sakata melons (mini honeydew) and a wide assortment of fresh herbs.

Tomatoes are setting fruit and ready in about 3 weeks. Butternut squash coming soon, maybe Saturday. Baby carrots soon!

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