Post Hurricane Irma

Just a quick note to let everyone know we are all OK at the ARTfarm. Thanks everyone for sending your positive vibes and prayers for our island. Please continue to support folks who suffered much worst damage in St. Thomas, Saint John, and the Leeward Islands. And for those still in the path of this storm as it heads west northwest.

On our hurricane farm wish list would be the loan of a generator for a few days so we can run our pump to water the farm. Two of our generators failed and the backup generator also failed. Also, we are in need of freshly collected dragonfruit pollen for tonight at 8:30. We know that one’s a long shot!

For safekeeping we put our prize turkey hen in one of the storage container trailers Tuesday night as the storm approached, and she laid an egg for us. Today we are on the seventh or eighth truckload so far to remove lots of large debris from trees, but the farm itself has sustained very little damage and only received about an inch of rain. We will post if we can open on Saturday. With Hurricane Jose brushing us on Sunday, we will wait and see. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Post Hurricane Irma

  1. So glad to hear you all are okay and the farm and animals are fine as well.

    Wish I had a generator to loan you I would in a heartbeat.

    Stay safe and pray Jose goes by us

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