Last Wednesday 3-5:30pm

Green herons love to nest and hunt in the extensive tree cover and ponds we have around our farm. They eat insects and lizards, have a strange set of croaking sounds, and an elegant sweeping flight pattern. Green Heron in Goose Garden. Gouache on paper, 2017.
Well friends, we have made it through this long steamy summer. Kids are headed back to school and we are headed into our temporary farm hibernation phase. We’ll still be open on Saturdays for a bit as we’ve got lots of dragonfruit coming, and avocado. But it has been very quiet here at the farm. 

Harvested for you for Wednesday afternoon: Lots of sweet potatoes, papaya, dragonfruit, bunched arugula, sweet potato greens, garlic chives, Italian basil, recao, lemongrass, parsley and loads of pineapple slips and native trees. 

From our partners we have avocados from Tita and goat cheese from Fiddlewood Farm!

Our injured ram is on the mend. We’re keeping a close eye on him but he seems to be doing a little better. The feral dogs responsible have still not been trapped but we are working with other farmers in the area to try to catch them. 

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