Salad’s Back For Saturday (10am – 12 noon)

Happy Summer Solstice folks! Summer officially arrives on Monday June 20th this year, but we’ve been enjoying the fruits of the season for a few weeks now! 

Sweet salad mix, baby spicy salad mix, baby arugula, bell peppers, yellow seasoning peppers, hot peppers, garlic chives, Italian basil, Thai basil, lemongrass, recao, plenty of sweet potatoes with bright red skin and orange flesh, small pumpkins, sweet papayas, passionfruit, melons, lots of pineapples, lots of dragonfruit, and from our partners we will have  the perfect pairing: creamy, mild Fiddlewood Farm goat cheese, and three types of sweet, fruity mangoes from Tropical Exotics​!

Luca’s Secret Super Summer Salad

Serves 3 to 5 adults

One bag ARTfarm sweet mix (extra points if you add some baby arugula or spicy mix) 

One Nam Doc Mai mango, cubed

Half a fresh Fiddlewood Farms Chevre goat cheese or more 

Sweet fresh small onion, minced

Apple cider vinegar, approx. 4 Tbspn or to taste

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, about the same amount as the vinegar

Sea salt – to taste

Pine nuts, if you have any. Or sunflower seeds – lightly dry roasted

Whisk the vinegar and oil together with the salt. Toss with the lettuce and onion to coat lightly. Arrange the mango and goat cheese artfully on top of the salad. Sprinkle a handful of lightly toasted pinenuts or sunflower seeds over the top to make it really over the top. Present to the sounds of Ooohs and Ahhhhs, then toss before serving. 

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