Sliding Into Summer Saturday, 10am – 12 noon

Celebrating the first of two performances at Complex High School, 7:30 PM this weekend! Bring friends and family and come see Caribbean Dance tonight!
Come on down and celebrate good food on the South Shore road on this hazy lazy morning! Our congratulations to the dedicated dancers at Caribbean Dance on their 39th year annual show, and to the many diligent students who are graduating this year!

Get your greens at ARTfarm, there’s plenty to share! Two of our rams feast on legumes in the pasture.
Today’s offerings: Sweet salad mix, baby spicy salad mix, baby arugula, sweet bell peppers, red serrano peppers, Italian basil, rosemary, garlic chives, fresh pungent ginger root, pumpkin, loads of papaya, passion fruit and a few figs, Thai melons and a smattering of tomatoes. Farmer Luca will slice up an 18 pound yellow fleshed watermelon!

Loads of zinnia flowers available. If you need some for a special event, contact us and we can pick you a bouquet or two the day of your event!

We have plenty of fresh, locally milked and made Fiddlewood Farm goat cheese. Fresh goat cheese stores beautifully in the freezer, if you purchase extra and want to save some. 

Eye in the sky over the South Shore for the last few days. Was the slow-moving chopper from Google, taking inventory of the pineapple rows? Or the DEA? Luckily everything we grow is legal by federal standards! Chances are this guy flew over your house too. He’s everywhere!
Slight lull in the fruit fest today – a few early bird dragonfruits and pineapples will be available…lots of fruit ripening in the fields but not ready to pick yet. 

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