ARTfarm Miracle Mangoes

ARTfarm is open Saturdays only (until it starts raining again), 10–12 noon today. We’re on the South Shore Road just east of the Ha’Penny Beach entrance. Fresh today: sweet salad mix, microgreens, bunched arugula, Ethiopian kale, garlic chives, recao, mint, bananas and passionfruit.

From our partners we have homegrown honey from Errol, vegan coconut-based ice creams in local fruit flavors from I-Sha, and miraculous mangoes from Tita. These mangoes are so fiberless and sweet that you can literally eat them out of the half like a melon with a spoon. They have an almost honey-like flavor. Incredible in any mango recipe or simply consumed fresh.

A yellow mango on a blue plate with a knife.
1. Select your mango.
A yellow mango halved on a blue plate.
2. Slice your mango lengthwise, skimming your knife along the flat mango pit within.
A yellow mango half on a blue plate has a spoon in it, with a round portion of mango flesh spooned out of the half.
3. Scoop out the perfect sized bite and enjoy. (This particular variety of mango is unusually fiberless!)

We want to acknowledge all the recent graduates! This is the time of year to celebrate the culmination of a lot of hard work. Congratulations to all those who have passed finals, completed performances, received accolades, and progressed in some large or small way. Keep on growing!

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