Better Lettuce For Le$$! Only at ARTfarm

We don’t generally market our produce based on rockbottom prices, because we raise everything by hand with organic methods, and it’s labor-intensive. But we were surprised when one of our friends today texted us some local grocery store prices for imported lettuces, and they are higher than our prices for the local organically grown version! Wow! We’re channelling Crazy Eddie over here!

Today, 3-6pm: sweet mix, spicy mix, arugula, baby spicy, lettuce heads, Italian basil, cilantro, dill, beets, bulb onions, scallions, garlic chives, cucumbers, sweet peppers, all types of tomatoes, honey, ice cream. Balmy breezes and beautiful views = free of charge! Prices so low, we’re practically giving it all away!


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