Overflowing Cornucopia at ARTfarm!

Can you say overstock.com? We’ve got lots and lots of stuff today, so come early or come late and find lots of organically grown Yum! 10 AM to 12 noon on the South Shore:

Lots of microgreens, sweet baby greens, sweet mix, spicy mix, lots of arugula, escarole, endive, dandelion greens, lots of cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, lots of cucumbers, radishes, beets, lettuce heads, sweet bell peppers, lemon basil, italian basil, garlic chives, parsley, broccoli, broccoli leaves, kale, chinese cabbage, mustard greens, sage, cilantro, dill, lemon balm, Korean mint, chilli peppers, lemongrass, honey, and zinnia flowers!


One thought on “Overflowing Cornucopia at ARTfarm!

  1. Cooked the escarole tonite and it was delicious. Bought some beet ice cream and that was excellent. THank you, I would like to offer a suggestion as far as selling the ice cream. If you could ask the couple that make the ice cream to make a small sign w/ the ingredients or at least a few of them like the fact it is coconut based. People were asking a lot of ????? today and I was trying to answer as best I could as I have eaten their ice cream and gelato before. Luca is very busy on Sat. and it seems to be getting busier and busier which is wonderful for both of you and your family. It is just a thought and maybe more of the ice cream would sell.

    Thank you again, for all you do to harvesting such wonderful vegetables and herbs for all of us to enjoy.

    P.S. Seeing a lot of new faces each week 🙂 Boomer had a good time today he loves kids.

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