Wednesday afternoon ARTfarmstand 3-6pm today

Oh yeah! Now open every Wednesday afternoon! Come see us today for sweet salad mix, spicy salad mix, arugula, microgreens, crunchy young cucumbers, Bodhi (yard long purple) beans, Italian basil, holy (tulsi – anti-stress) basil, garlic chives, sage, beets, radishes, radish greens, dandelion greens, escarole, HUGE lettuce heads, local Mallika Indian mangoes from Alex, honey and honeycomb in various colors and flavors and forms from three different apiarists, zinnias, and free Monarch butterfly sightings. Open til’ 6pm so C’sted friends, close up shop and run down to the south shore this afternoon!!

A bright red cosmo flower fades to a bright yellow center, with the ARTfarm farmstand building in the background.
It’s butterfly season! If you were a butterfly, wouldn’t you want to land right here? A bright red cosmo flower enjoys some early morning sunlight at ARTfarm.

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