ARTfarm Closed Til Early November

We’re still growing you a bit more food (and art) before starting back up with our farmstands again. We anticipate reopening in early November. Enjoy a safe and fun Halloween!

Here’s new farm employee Justin practicing his parenting skills with King, our Royal Palm turkey tom. 20131018-040534.jpg

Sleepy Summer ARTfarm Stand

20120623-092529.jpgUVI’s sleepy Senepol cattle in the pens near ARTfarm.

Saturday’s ARTfarmstand: various salad mixes, pineapples, Julie mangoes, chives, hot peppers, very ripe bananas, lemongrass, pumpkin, coconut water, honey, non-organic cucumbers from Nash.

Grow-your-own with less water: pineapple slips and native trees! Happy summer!

Seaweed Salad

Sheep need certain trace minerals in their diet to thrive. You can give them minerals via a salt block purchased at a feed store, but we’re always trying to find ways to farm sustainably on St. Croix without importing things on big diesel-powered container ships.

On an online sheep forum we came across a shepherd in Maine who gives his sheep fresh seaweed from the beach. So we collected an assortment of wet and dry seaweeds from our local strand, and what do you know? The girls loved it!