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We send out an email a few hours before every farmstand, listing what we’ll have for sale. (In pandemic times, we send out a pre-order list for farmshares, a day or so before the distribution day.) That’s usually one, but up to three emails per week. You can sign up (and manage your subscription) here on our website;

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  1. Fill in the email subscription request box above with your correct email address and submit (if you or someone else on your computer, tablet or smartphone has already subscribed, it will say you’re already following our blog).
  2. Look in your inbox (or sometimes in spam, or in a different tab of your email, or in “all mail” within your email program) for an immediate, automated subscription confirmation email.
  3. Click the link in that email to confirm and set your subscription settings (this step makes sure others can’t accidentally sign you up for subscriptions without permission!).
A grey baby turkey poult walks through grass in a garden.
An orphaned baby turkey poult (stray dog attack survivor) named Roadrunner thinks he is human. He’s a good worker, comes when we call him and helps with pest control in the garden at ARTfarm!

You may not receive an ARTfarm email right away. We send out a farm email roughly once a week in season (when we are open). Be patient, and you can check our homepage for new posts. If you think we’ve made a new post but you haven’t received the email, check your spam folder, or “All Mail” folder. It’s there.

We don’t use your email for anything but our farm updates (and rarely – maybe once a year – an announcement about a farm event or an art exhibition by Luca or Christina). We don’t use them for anything else, so there’s no spam risk (we harvest a lot of tomatoes, but we do NOT harvest email addresses). If you want to unsubscribe at some point, just follow the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails. It’s that easy!

Tried signing up, but not receiving our emails?

Carrots that twisted together while growing, on a bed of scallions
Don’t worry, we’ll straighten it out.

Are you new to our list? In order to start your subscription to our farm emails, you will need to confirm your subscription online by clicking a link in an email from us. See the instructions above! Or read this information from

Confirmed your subscription, but can’t find our emails? Sometimes they get routed to your spam folder, or to an “all mail” folder. Check there first. Also, which email address did you provide us? Make sure you’re checking the correct account, and that you typed your email address into the request box correctly.

Signed up, but want to sign up a friend or a second email address? Try using a different browser, emptying your browser’s cache, or using a privacy mode browser window.

Already receiving farm emails, but they stopped coming? From time to time in the name of progress, email providers (like Yahoo or Gmail) change their algorithms for how they filter and sort your email, and update their interface. If you were receiving our emails regularly and suddenly are not seeing them, you might have to look in your spam folder or a promotions tab, or “all mail” for our emails (depending on what email provider you are using). Follow the instructions of your email provider for sorting or labeling our incoming ARTfarm emails so they come to your inbox!

Good morning! I signed up for emails (about 2 weeks ago) to be notified for buying produce, but I haven’t received any. I seems to always be notified by Facebook’s algorithm after it’s too late. I promise I did all the above. I also read your page about checking spam box. It’s not there. Could you please add me to the list? Love your food! 🙂
~ Produce Lover

We’re so sorry Produce Lover. That sounds frustrating. Unfortunately we don’t have a great solution for you. We can’t add individual users to our email list. Try resetting your browser‘s cache and give it another go. A friend of ours who considers themselves an IT expert gave us the same information/feedback you did, and then they discovered that Gmail had a different folder where it was hiding our emails and when they checked “All Mail“ their subscription request confirmation response email was sitting right there, waiting for confirmation. When you subscribe you have to click a link in the first email that you get, to confirm your subscription, and if you don’t do that you will not receive emails. Good luck!
~ ARTfarm

Followup from Produce Lover:
I found it! Wahoo! Ok thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Look forward to enjoying the goodness of the garden.


Good morning, I loved my box last week! I didn’t receive a sign up email yesterday. Could you make sure I’m on the email list? Would love to make a weekly order. Thanks!!!

~ Customer Trying To Get On Our Email List


If you’re not receiving emails, then you are either (A) not subscribed or (B) receiving them and not finding them. Us taking time from our work schedule to check our email list for your address will not solve either of those issues.

We advise everybody having trouble receiving our emails to check their spam folder, and “All Mail” folder. When you sign up for emails you’ll get a subscription activation link in the first email, and you have to follow it in order to start receiving our emails regularly. Then check your spam folder and make sure that our emails are not going there. Most email programs have some kind of a filter system where you can set it up to make sure that important emails stay in your inbox and don’t get sorted to some other place.

We have lots of troubleshooting advice on our website on the page [the one you’re on if you’re reading this] called “Get Farm Emails”. That should help you figure out what the issue is and subscribe successfully!

Subscribing to farm emails and ordering a farmshare are two different things. When you order a farmshare you are NOT automatically being subscribed to our farm email list. This is noted on the farmshare post and the order form, too.

To order a farmshare, you do not need to be subscribed to our emails. You can just go to our website and the same post and link and information is there that you would get in the email. The basic schedule at the moment is Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings is when we will post new information about sign ups. Typically around 10:30 AM.

Glad you enjoyed our produce! Thank you.

~ Busy Farmer Who Already Posted This Info On Our Website In Multiple Places

9 thoughts on “Get Farm Emails

  1. Hey Just moved to East End, we relocated from St Bernard, La. We really miss our locally grown Creole Tomatoes!! Email me when you have a crop of Tomatoes for sale!! Thanks Charlene/Stan Do you grow;
    Militons,Snap Beans, Artichokes,File’ Trees,Thornless Blackberrys,
    Need for my Southern Recipes.

    1. Hey Charlene, welcome to the neighborhood! You will find lots of great locally grown tomatoes here on St. Croix, but there is definitely a season for them on the east end where things are a little dryer in climate. ARTfarm has a strong tomato season generally between December and March, with a few slicers as early as Thanksgiving and a few cherry tomatoes extending into April and May.

      Unfortunately, I have got hundreds and hundreds of people requesting information about what we have available and when. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to remember to email you personally in several months when the tomatoes start happening. But what you can do is go to our website and look on the left hand side for the Subscribe feature, to sign up for email. That will get you on our email list and as soon as we have produce available you’ll get a simple email in your inbox every week with our farmstand hours and what we’ve got for ya!

    1. Honestly, the security for anti-spam is so powerful on our email system that we cannot check for individual email addresses. You will know that you are signed up because you will have received an email from WordPress asking you to click a link and confirm your subscription.
      If you have not received that subscription confirmation email, please reread the instructions at the top of this page and try again. The instructions are above for both a desktop computer or using a smart phone to sign up on our website for farm emails. You may need to look for the confirmation email in your spam or junk folder.

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